Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Jumping and chasing this morning

Love going to the parks. We take every opportunity to practice my agility skills. Anything that can be jumped over or through is fair game. What's more? I chased my first squirrel in months! I almost gave up the hopes of seeing another squirrel. Chasing squirrels was one of my favorite past time in Michigan. There they were abundant in spring and summer. Here they are few and far between. So you can image the excitement when I saw one. That made my day.

 Bicycle stand makes a good jump bar

Found a 'tire' to jump through

We rode a car...

...and a fire engine

Friday, June 12, 2015

Interacting with new doggy friends.

We met new friends at the park last weekend. There was an adorable 4mth beagle puppy. I forgot how in-your-face I used to be as a puppy. She kept trying to jump in my face and nip my heels. But she's only a pup, so I tolerated it well. We also met a schnuzer that was nervous dominent. He wanted to boss me around but seemed nervous. He didn't want me near his parents that is for sure. Mom made me sit-stay when he got confrontational so as not to excite him further.
In any case I got to burn off some energy with frisbees! Oh, and I got  a part time job as a rickshaw driver.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Campaigning for causes

While mom has been on studying break, I had more free time on my hands. I am working on some campaigns.
One called #showmeyourflats. Making a point saying women should be able to wear what they can. Apparently Cannes film festival organisers denied women in flats from being part of the event.
The other #fishlove. About the plight of overfishing and irresponsible fishing harming out marine system.
What do you think of these campaigns? Any new ideas for me?