Saturday, May 9, 2015

Loves rawhide, visiting new places and agility!

Finally got my teeth on a rawhide today. I used to get rawhides every few days in the States. For some reason, this had stopped since I came to Singapore. I am so happy to sink my teeth into to. Got to work it from the corners.

We also got our car new tires. The car repair shop is a strange place. Lots of worrisome loud noises. We took a short walk while they changed the wheels. Overall, I am glad mom brought me along.

We also got back into agility classes. I got my old job back!

A human's back makes a good neck pillow.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

A friend is someone you enjoy spending time with

I made a new jogging friend. A 2 year old Malamute named Toby. We had a good run at Punggol Settlement, though we both wished the climate would be cooler (like winter in Michigan). I saw a few stray dogs. Dad kept me on a short leash when they were around. Since my pack that day consistent of 4 humans (one of whom was on a bicycle) and 2 medium-large dogs the stays kept their distance. I caution all fur friends who frequent there to keep your nose sniffing and eyes peeled.

Cooling down after the run
 All tongues out
Toby doesn't tolerate the heat well
Gearing up the night before

I had to board with mom's Aunt for a few days while they took a beach holiday (not fair!). In return, we are hosting Silkie, an older Cavalier King Charles Spaniel for a couple of weeks while her parents tour Japan (not fair!). Silkie is in her golden years and does not make a good rough and tumble buddy. Mom says I am being a good boy respecting her space.

 A little awkward at first
We soon become great sleeping buddies

A few other random things at work. I had to comfort Loumi, my greyhound friend at work, who has thunderstorm phobia. I was made to sit beside her during one of the storms. Honestly, I don't think it helped.

I got to meet Lisa (soon to have her name changed) an adopted Maltese who was sterilized. She had the cone of shame on. May as well, I've learnt that she doesn't like to say hello face-on. Small dogs have the largest attitude sometimes.