Friday, April 3, 2015

Long Walks

It's been a good two weekends. Doggy dates, long walks and being outside. Today we went to the 'green corridor'. A long stretch of greenery which used to be an old train track. There was quite a crowd. Loumi (greyhound) got quite tired on the walk, but she made it to the end. I didn't like the way some people stared at her. Was it because she had 3 legs or because she was so tired she had to lie down? Whatever the case, it is rude to stare.

Last week, we went for another long walk with Cooper (Schnauzer X)  at Punggol. Sunny days really drains our energy. It's hard when all we can do is pant. Wished we could jump in the water. We got to cool down at a pet cafe. There was a strong urine smell that even the humans noticed. The place is very... shall we say, pink. Makes for an interesting picture. But I don't think it is quite my color.

It seems to me I get a bath after these long walks. I hate baths. Especially the part where my ears get cleaned. :(

Loumi and me

Cooper and me

Close up on Cooper

It's very awkward for two males to be in such pink environment

They made us do it, I swear

My sad face...