Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Exploring the West Coast

Last weekend I explored a new park at the west of the country. It was near the sea. So near I could almost run into the waters. But mom yelled and stopped me. :( I miss running into lakewater in Michigan. We had a long walk and met a group of dogs (mostly border collies) at an agility competition. It was a good walk, but it got hot in the afternoon. So hot even my ears were flushed. I drank lots of water.

Such a hot day

 the view is beautiful

 Large playground

So hot even my ears were flushed

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

My first Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is coming to an end. We went house visiting during the first few days. I met lots of new people. There were exchanges of red packets, which made the children happy. I wonder if there's a treat inside. During the reunion dinner, they had hot pot. The smell of boiling beef, prawn, scallop and fish are irresistible. I got to taste Kueh Bungkit (coconut milk biscuit) and mandarin oranges. Yum! House visiting is apparently quite a tradition. Some friends came over to our place. Unfortunately, I was left behind some of the times when my parents went house visiting. We decorated our walls with red stickers containing auspicious sayings. Mom kept making me pose a certain way for pictures as you can see below. I resembles the Maneki-Neko. Welcoming good fortunes for the new year.