Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Lots of love from everyone

2015 is not starting out on the right foot for us. Soon after I got better from my ordeal, Mom had to be hospitalized for a couple of days. I was left to board at the clinic. I missed my pack. Thankfully there was plenty of love from the staff. We even got to play frisbee! I didn't eat my dry food very well, because I was worried for mom. But the opportunity to beg for table scrapes was too good to miss. You cannot imagine the relief I felt seeing mom and dad again. Dad got me a durian to play with. I spent the whole time figuring out how to get to the goodies inside. He finally cracked it and I got a taste. We'll be home the next few days while mom recuperates. Guess what? We have guests!

The goofy look after chasing a few frisbees

Please please please throw it!

Saying 'please share your food with me' 

What's that? 

 I recognize the yummy smell of Durian

Having guests is great!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Getting well

I got my second injection of immidocarb today for the tick fever. Thanks for all the support. I am glad to report, I am getting better. My blood work is normal. Spleen normal in size. And I found my energy to chase frisbees and birds again!
Because I was confined for the last few weeks, there's nothing exciting to report. I got to nap on mommy's lap frequently at work. We also got a free treats from the pet store. The treats gived a nice green camouflage to my poop, making pick-ups in dim light just a little more challenging for my parents.