Monday, November 24, 2014

Cooped up

It's been a long week of work for us. Mornings are spent rolling on the bed until we absolutely have to leave the house. A short potty break and a car ride. I spend most of the day waiting for mom to finish work. Work life is different here than in Michigan. There was a grass patch in the old place where I get to release my daily craziness. Even if it is just for 10 mins. Over here, I don't get kenneled, but there is no such release. I spend my days curled up under the table waiting for lunch time (when I beg for food). I get more space to walk around here, but nothing beats running free. I always look forward to our days off and pray it'll not be raining. There is a perfect frisbee spot 10 mins drive from our place. Judging from my facial expression, you can see what I think about it.

2 more days to go before another frisbee day...

Frisbee spot

Nothing beats a cool drink after running free

Getting ready for the festive season

Friday, November 7, 2014

A beach life

I can get used to a beach life. I had an amazing time at Tanjong beach. I cannot help but drag mom and dad around once I leaped out of the car. Once unleashed, I kangeroo hopped for joy! We chased bumpers, swam and met other fur friends. Then i noticed a black ball floating in the water. Dad placed it on the sand for me. I tried to paw it, step on it and bite it. Couldn't quite 'kill' that ball. They call it a coconut. Strange. We had a little picnic with the family and a great evening. I enjoyed everything but the bath I got at the end of the day.