Tuesday, October 28, 2014

My first Pet Cafe experience

I visited a Pet Cafe for the first time in my life. Our original plan was to picnic at botanical garderns. We did so for an hour, then it started to rain. It seems to rain an awful lot on this Island. So we head down to iii Cafe. I made lots of doggy friends there. We were all off leash! Some doggy friends were a little more tentative than others. Mostly, everyone got along fine. It was an exciting and fun experience. I am looking forward to our next cafe experience.

 Picnic at Botanical Garderns
Too busy sniffing around to stay still for a shot at iii Cafe

We also checked out the new dog run. Though when I went the other day, there was no other fur friend. :( Makes me miss running around with Scout (my girlfriend in Michigan). Better luck next time? We took a picture with some Tin soldiers instead.

Tin Soldiers and me

Waiting for Daddy

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Fun in the Sun

I have come to realize on mom's day off, we get to go to the local park. I love it there. The only real downside is that I have to be on a leash... well most of the time anyway. We met a friendly golden and 2 tail wagging beagles. Wished we could all come off the leash to play. What's more? I found a good place to pakour! Hopefully no one will chase us away, because I really love jumping on and over things. Unfortunately, there are a lot more insects here. Today I got bitten by black ants. Ouch! 

The other day I got the rare chance to stick my head out of the window. It seems like the weather is usually too hot for this here. In addition, there are lots of humans on motorcycles that weave between the cars making it more dangerous to pop my nose outside. I am slowly but surely getting used to the heat and regaining my stamina. Time to run run run!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Same but different

It is interesting living in Singapore. There are several things I have to get used to. Firstly, the heat and humidity. All that panting makes me so thirsty. I am drinking twice as much. Secondly, the people here seem to fear me. They stop in their tracks, approach cautiously or turn around and hurry away. I hear them whisper "wow, big dog". Do they not know I am only medium sized (and friendly)? Thankfully I've also met several strangers who stopped to say hi. That made my day.

We have a large park near our home (with killer thorny fruits they call durian) that reminds me of Thomson park in michigan. I think we will be going there a lot. There is a 24hour supermarket nearby to provide us with late night snacks.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Roughing it out

I am reunited with my pack! Man it has been hell of a ride. It started when a stranger drove off with me in a crate. I arrived at detroit airport. There was a lot of fussing with my crate. Stickers and cable ties were placed. Then I saw a giant metal bird. It did not run away as I approached. The humans placed me inside?! It must have angered the beast as it growled loudly and shook. It was a long time before I was let out. By then, I had soiled my crate. :( I spent a night at frankfurt animal lounge. Thankfully, i was fed and watered.

The following day, it was deja vu. I was shoved into another angry bird. I ended up at Singapore airport and was transfered to the quarantine station. I got visitors daily, but it was not until the 5th day before I saw mom and dad. I almost thought they had left me. After 10days, I was a free man.

I was introduced to our new den -a work in progress. Our pack roughed it out on sleeping bags. I am just glad to be home.