Sunday, August 24, 2014

ALS Ice bucket challenge

There has been so much fuss with the ALS ice bucket challenge lately. Seems like everyone from robert downey jr to bill gates have done it. Even my idol jumpy the dog has done it! I thought I'll give it a go. Afterall, I was nominated by fozzietheaussie on instagram. So here are my attemptS... 

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Melon Festival = melon ice-cream, food trucks and diving dogs.

This is our second year at the Howell Melon Festival. Lots to smell and see. There were melon ice-cream, corn dogs, swirly cheese potato chips, chicken steak, coney dogs, slushies, lemonades, burgers...*drool* There is a dock diving platform this year by the Ultimate Air Dogs! Running dogs, flying toys and a big splashes. It was so exciting I couldn't contain myself and cheered along my fellow canines.

 Showing restrain. Leaving the food in front of me alone
 Ultimate Air Dogs

 Anyone wants french fries? I do!
 Hot dogs. I am feeling it (literally)
Regaining some farm-dog instincts next to the tractor

Friday, August 15, 2014


Dear readers, i just started my very own Instagram acccount under the username mason_the_aussie. How exciting! Hope i'll get to make more doggy and human friends!

Follow me if you can. ;p

Monday, August 11, 2014

Drugged and prodded

Yesterday started out wonderful. We went kayaking at the park. We docked at a shore. I was elated and chewed it off the ground. Something happened like never before, I started choking. My throat was burning. Mom, dad and Cheryl (mom's cousin) soon became aware of my ordeal. The choking didn't stop and I brought up white foam. Something was really wrong. I got rushed to the hospital mom works in.

At the office, I was restrained and got my arm shaved. A tube was inserted which made me bleed. This got connected to a water bag and I was kenneled. I got lots of praise from the staff. Everyone was gentle which helped with my nerves. The last thing I remembered was a white liquid going into my arm. Things got foggy... I drifted away. I went to a land of squirrels, I kept chasing them over... and over... and over. Slowly that image faded away and I am on a blanket with mom and dad staring at me. I wanted to shake my butt at them, but my body felt so heavy. I saw the rest of the day with great bokeh. The story I got told later: a camera was placed inside my throat and stomach. They found the grass I chewed off the ground. It must have lodged in a weird angle causing a temporary obstruction and inflammation. A freak accident. Thankfully it was just grass, could have been worse.

Feeling sedate for the rest of the day 

The week before has been wonderful. We had long walks and spent lots of time at the park.
Hiking with my loaded approach ruffwear pack
Screaming children worries me