Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Being human means taking exams

There is a lot of studying going on in this household. Dad is preparing for a big exam this September. He is pretty much a Siamese twin of his text book now. I've been his company at home for the last 2 months. Mostly he sits very still (almost hypnotized) and waves a yellow wand over his book. Sometimes the hypnotism works and he falls asleep. Often with his mouth open. Ever so often, he will spring into live and take me for a run or fetch outside. Mom has also been with her books a little more than usual. She mentioned something about an exam coming up next year. I wonder if being Human means taking exams after exams.

Stop reading... lets go play outside

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

We have company

Be our guest, be our guest, put our service to the test....

We have two guests on fours. I'm always happy to meet new dogs. But this is the first time anyone stayed over. I got quite confused when they were placed in my kennel overnight and I had to sleep in the living room. There were some challenges at first. Kani (Maltese) urinated on Mom's bag and my bean bag! Then he pooped in the house. Mom and Dad were not pleased. We were made to sit-stay for our meals. It took a few tries for them to understand the concept. The more cooperative we are, the quicker we get to eat. Eventually, we got our yummy meals. I surveyed their bowls afterwards to make sure no kibble got missed. We got rawhides. Kani didn't even want it! What planet is he from!?! Gili (shih tzu) took it but seemed to only chew on the edges a couple of times. After I finished mine, I sneaked into Gili's. Choking while trying to swallow the smaller piece. It was soon taken away. :( We patrolled for squirrels at the usual park. I chased 2 on my watch. They must have been rookies as they were on their leash the whole time. Probably still on probation. I am told they are leaving today. It is fun having them around but I'll be glad to have Mom and Dad to myself now.

Monday, July 7, 2014

The problem with fireworks

Although the fourth of july has come and gone, we all know the firework celebrations last longer than that. Personally, I don't have issues with fireworks (the vaccum seems like a bigger threat - I am working on overcoming it).

A veterinarian and veterinary genomics researcher said "I have never heard of a way of completely preventing it before it starts. However, a noise phobia is liable to start around a year of age and ramp up quickly. So if your dog is anxious about fireworks this year for the first time, be prepared for the problem to return and probably be worse next year. Don't just wait and see if it's worse next year, but be prepared to take steps." (Read this interesting article)

So have my fellow young fur friends shown any signs of anxiety this 4th july? Perhaps it is time to start preventing the problem from escalating right now. Afterall, it is always easiest when the anxiety is mild. Helping your best friend live a fulfilling, balanced life is the best gift you can give them. More than any treats, fancy clothes or toys that money can buy.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Abducted by alien robots in a place called the groomers

It's my birthday! That makes it two years since I've come into this planet. I went to a strange place on my special day. Quite frightening actually. I believe the humans there were possessed by alien robots. I got hosed down with a high pressure jet and was almost blown away by a robot's trunk. The strange humans who inhabited that place started waving LARGE scissors and took off parts of me! I tried to tell them to stop, but to no avail. The robots probably controlled their minds. I got my nails clipped. Then a small spinning robot was about to eat what nails I had off. I fought that small one off alright. For the rest of the time I was jailed and humiliated with a scarf on my neck. When my human parents came to collect what was left of me, there was a strange exchange of cards. They call this grooming. Worst present I've ever had for a birthday. Strangely mom and dad seems to like my new look.