Monday, June 16, 2014

Petosky getaway

We were up north recently. By north I meant Petosky. Two nights of family fun. Comfort Inn was a great dog-friendly host. Unfortunately, it kind of ended there. There were not many restaurants that welcomed those on fours. The so-called 'dog beach' was a 10m (that's about 32ft) strip of sand and grass. And where there was a REAL beach at the state park (with a beautiful sunset), the rangers won't even let me on the concrete area. Apparently it was also part of the beach, on which dogs were forbidden. So i had to watch the Sunset alone in the car while Mom and Dad strolled along the coast.
Now that I am done venting my fustrations, I have to clarify that I did have a good time. It was an exciting new destination with new sights and smells. The morning kayaking was very relaxing on the still blue waters. We had an enjoyable walk along the jetty and found a lighthouse. Most importantly, I got to spend time with the people I love.