Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Frozen Kong makes for a great summer treat

For the past 2 days, I've been getting a special treat. A frozen Kong! These doggy popsicles are de-li-cious! I've never had them before and it takes me about 1.5-2 hours to get through all of it. I'm sure with more practice I can get those tasty snacks out quicker. 

The list of yummy goodies I've found in my Kong the last 2 days:
-dry dog food (It's strange how my dinner portions have decreased coincidentally for the last 2 days)
-peanut butter (Always found at the tip. Hard to get out, but so worth it.)
-cheese (I'm very excited with this find. I thought cheese was only offered during agility classes)
-dried soy beans (A gift during a house party that the humans did not take to)
The Kong is then filled with water and frozen to create the icy treat.

I'm looking forward to new surprises from my next Kong.

Mom took a week off work. Apparently, we are going north this weekend. Lazy mornings means more snooze time. I wished the humans would get off their butts more often. I want to go outside and play!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Bark for Life 5Km run

Last weekend has been amazing. We ran 5Km for the American Cancer Society and the Bark for Life event (see an older post about the event). I got to meet new fur friends. I did so with my Ruffwear approach backpack. It contained water, treats, a spare harness and mom's wallet. I mostly ran alongside Dad up front. We would stop intermittently to wait for Mom to catch up. It felt like a walk in the park. Nothing compared to the faster paced 6Km run Dad takes me to. The backpack was pretty good, it stayed in place throughout the run. We have brought it out several other times. Mom really likes it, though I would rather be naked. After the run, I still had too much energy, so we did some agility and chased a lure.

 Goodies include a bark for life scarf...
... and a dog tag

Last half-lap of me chasing the lure (Dad didn't get his camera ready in time)

 Another occassion where I wore the backpack

Getting a relief from the weight of the pack while running around in the park

Check out Ruffwear's video 'A tribute to the dogs we love'. What is your dog to you?