Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The water is flowing and wind is blowing

Spring = thawed rivers & lakes = kayaking. Our pack went kayaking last weekend at Huron river. I get so excited when Mom and Dad inflate the kayaks. However, being in the kayak flicks a switch in my brain. I can't help but whine. I think it is the sense of instability while being afloat. And having to be in a sit/down position in the kayak for such a long time is hard. Overall, it is worth it. I get to spend time with the pack, be outside and explore new places. Maybe one day I'll find my sea-legs.

I prefer running and jumping in the park. Mom says she is getting me back on track with my training schedule, to bring back the muscle mass and endurance I've lost in winter. Hey, if it means more running and playing outside, I am up for it!

Spring = long walks. We saw pinwheels in Howell Carnegie District Library. "They are placed to commemorate National Child Abuse Prevention Month. The pinwheel is an uplifting reminder of childhood and the bright futures that all children deserve." A wonderful notion if you ask me.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Running for people cancer

I am running 5K for a good cause on 3rd May 2014. An event called "Bark For Life" by the American Cancer Society. Raising funds while having fun. Why not? Check out my fund raising page. This is a canine event for anyone with a dog or who just simply love my kind. Plus it is great exercise. Mom says pet parents should make sure they check with their vets if you are suitable for this level of exertion. And make sure your vaccines are up to date. (Urg!) If your lifestyle is between a food bowl and the couch there are several other fun events (agility, lure chasing etc.) to participate or watch if running is not your thing. I'm excited to meet all the new friends.