Sunday, November 17, 2013

First Snow

It is a bad weekend for me. Mom seem to have left me at work. No wonder she brought my toy to work the other day. My parents have gone to Canada for the weekend. Thankfully Scout's parents seemed to have done the same.
We had our first snow last week. I wonder if mom and dad are missing me like i am missing them.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Happy Halloween

Tis the season to be spooky.... fa la la la la. Am I getting this right? Or is the song for another season? I'm confused. Maybe it is because mom's been putting clothes on me lately. What is going on?! Dogs don't wear clothes. Looking at Paw Nation's website, I'm not the only canine embarrassed this Halloween ( We were at Scout's (my girlfriend) house party yesterday. She looked so cute in her costume. She had wings made of feathers (which she ate a few of). Wished I had taken a picture of her. Mom tried a hand-me-down rabbit costume made for 15lb dogs. Of course it didn't fit. What was she thinking! Thankfully, we did not go with this ridiculous monstrosity. No one can see me like this at the party. I have a reputation to maintain.

We settled for a SWAT costume with Velcro-ed on plastic binoculars and grenade. The grenade had too small a Velcro patch and would launch off my vest with each shake. Mom says we cannot go bombing our friend's house and confiscated the grenade for the rest of the night.
Do you copy? This is SWAT team Alpha, we're heading back to base. Happy Halloween.