Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Be our guest

A friend from a long way away came for a visit. It all started with an early (like 4am early) saturday. We drove to the greyhound bus station. It was my first time at detroit. There was a marathon going on and i got excited by the crowd. Mom and Dad were unimpressed by the traffic that resulted. I met PS for the first time. I can smell her journey. All the people she met, the different airports she transited at.
PS stayed for a short 3 days. But everyday, she broughy back a new wave of smells. We went kayaking together. I know they visited an antique place, went shopping and had good food. On the last day, they carved a pumpkin. Mom says that pumpkin is not to be eaten. I wonder why. Seems such a waste, i would totally eat it.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Parkour beginnings?

Fall is here. Cooler weather means I can play outside longer! I've been training hard the last few weeks. Maintaining a level of physical activity that keeps me challenged. We've been tracking our progress on Purina's P5 mobile app ( I'm currently at 7.8hrs of low impact activities/4.6hr of medium impact activities/1.8hr of high impact activities a week. That is all mom can manage with her work schedule for now. I meet the requirements mostly by walks, fetch, flying disc, tug and play. I've recently learnt two new tricks - "wave" and "tree" (where I run, bounce off a tree and run back). We're working on balancing food on my nose. Food's so tempting it's a hard trick for me.

With the new fitness I've achieved, maybe I am one step closer to becoming a great Pakour dog like TreT in Ukraine ( I'll probably never be able to have muscles like him. But surely basic Pakour is for everyone right?

Enjoying the fall leaves