Saturday, July 27, 2013

My Chicago experience

Boy has it been a trip! We were in Chicago for nearly a week. There was so much going on. Cars, car horns, buses, people talking, other dogs (mostly tiny ones), food, birds, rabbit and more people. Everything is so exciting. I've never seen so many people in my life. I thought I could "say hi" to everyone. But no, Mom and Dad kept me on the leash... like the 6ft leash... like ALL the time. Crap. Strangely some people seemed afraid of me. I've never came across people who would shy away from me that way in Michigan. Are they not used to my good-looks? Oh well. We visited lots of new places, the Navy Pier being one of them.

We stayed at a sweet hotel. The bed was so soft. It took me a day to figure out where I was supposed to relief myself. I had a few embarrassing accidents on the sidewalks. Opps. Apparently Grant Park was just across the road. Montrose dog beach was nearby. I was released from the control of the evil leash! There was even a fire show that evening. We had a blast.
I am glad to be back in Michigan. As much as Chicago was a fun adventure, there was little area to run around. Back to my routine.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Sweltering in the heat

We started the morning late. Mom and I took a long stroll to downtown. She wanted to get some fresh bread from the bakery. The weather is becoming more and more unbearable for me. It was 30C today! Phew! We took lots of water breaks under shady trees but I am still toasted! Glad to be back in the apartment for now. I miss winter. I'm the only one in the family who does. Dad says we are going to the state park this weekend. Apparently DD the tiny chihuahua is coming along as well. I am excited to see DD, but she seems pretty upset the last time we met. Maybe it'll be different, maybe. The heat makes me sleepy.....

Monday, July 1, 2013


I was wondering why there were brown boxes everywhere for the last 2 weeks. The old apartment was stripped down to it’s bare bones. Dad rented a moving truck and drove us an hour west. I got to sit in a big truck. It was a nerve-racking ride. I was shivering and panting most of the journey. At least I didn’t express my anal glands. I say I’ve kept it together.

The new apartment has fluffier carpet to lay on, but I still prefer my bed. My kennel seemed to have quadrupled in size! We went to the city park today. There are squirrels everywhere! I wanted to chase them all, if not for the leash, I could have…. I swear I would have gotten them. We saw other people walking their dogs, fishing and tubing at the lake.