Monday, June 17, 2013

Summer fun

I apologize for the long time between post. Mom was hogging the laptop and we were busy at work. To make up for it, I'll write a longer post. 

It was late winter/early spring the last time I wrote. This time it is Summer. Mom seems real excited about the hot weather. Me, not so. I've to carry around this thick coat. I'm adapting gradually, but i still miss winter. The consolation is we go out a lot more since the weather had changed. For one, we went to Muskegon dog beach. That place is amazing! I got to go off-leash (and ran around like a WILD dog). I love running along the shoreline with the waves crashing in. I made so many friends, they were all cool. Several of them knew how to swim. They went out into the lake retrieving toys. I ran out with them until.... plonk. My head sank underwater. I had to turn around. I guess I haven't quite got my 'sea-legs' yet. 

I'm on the far right, hanging out with my new found dog and people friends.

I make quick friends with this shepherd. So comfortable I rested my head on him.

We participated in the Dog Bowl at Frankenmuth. Touted as one of the largest dog event in Michigan. It was packed. Greatest concentration of dogs (and people) I've seen. There was agility, frisbee and dock-diving competitions. I saw some amazing athletes. I never knew we (dogs) could get air-borne. My proud parents enrolled me into the Dog-de-Lure race. Fastest dog to chase a lure through the course wins. There were 20 dogs in each round and we each had 2 practice run. Mom was more riled up than I was. I got crowd shy and became insecure when I realized mom was not running alongside. What more, the other dogs were twice my size with longer legs (*making excuses*). Fine! I did turn around in the middle of the race, but at least I finished okay. 
 Look at the crowd!
 Awesome frisbee dog (far center). Look at how much air she is getting!
 I'm getting cold feet mom.
Ok... they MADE me do this.

Lastly, we're moving east. We went to see the new apartment. It is about the same size as the current one. I am a little anxious about the move. They say it's for the better.