Saturday, February 23, 2013

An eventful few days

The last few days has been a blast! Mom's sister and her fiance came to visit us. I love new people. More attention for me. We picked them up from the airport and I immediately checked out all the new smells. The following day we went to Boyne ski resort! I had fun in the snow and watched people slide down the slopes faster than I have ever seen before. The car ride was hard and long. I was cramped between the seats with little room to stretch my legs. They visited wineries and restaurants. All of which I was locked in the car. One time I got very bored and chewed on the handbrake. Dad was very upset when he saw the damage. What was I to do alone in the car? Now Mom and Dad talks about keeping me in the crate when I am in the car. Man, really?! Anyway, we'll deal with that when it happens. The trip was awesome and I really like Mom's sister and her fiance. Sadly, they seemed to have packed their bags and left today. I can sense that Mom and Dad are a little sad. I guess it's back to just us 3.