Friday, November 23, 2012

First snow

It's my first snow!! It's fluffy, it's white... and taste like... like.... like...... I'm not sure what it tastes like. But I like it. Why are humans so grumpy about the cold when it is so much fun. I can catch snowflakes with my mouth all day.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Luck cut short

I had another fun-filled weekend, running around open fields and walking along trails.
It's getting colder these days, there is a layer of frost on the grass at twilight and dawn. My paws get cold now. Not as cold as how mom and dad seems. They are always wearing the heavy coats. I love this weather! Mom tells me we'll be covered with 2 feet of snow in a few weeks. She keeps telling me how excited I am going to be when I first see snowflakes (like how she was). I hope they taste like chicken. Talking about chicken, I found a HUGE chunk of chicken bone on the ground yesterday (a whole chicken thigh!). My luck was cut short when mom and dad was furious and pulled the chicken bone out from my mouth. I was apparently a very bad boy. But mom... it's chicken.