Monday, October 22, 2012

Battling with the wind machine

Everyone had the weekend off! We went to the beach. This time we took a long stroll along the broad walk. It was sunny with cool winds. Perfect weather (at least I thought so, but the humans were still heavily clothed). I met a few fur friends along the way. I wanted to jump and play with them all, but some were not so friendly. I almost got nipped in my face by an old JRT. Mom's been trying to hold me back from jumping on other dogs/people... it's so hard not to. Why can't they just let us all loose?

After an exhausting day at the beach, they had to shower me?!?! Why!! I don't mind the shampooing and toweling dry... but that scary loud wind machine always follows. I'm standing up to that monster machine more. I'll use my paws to push it away. Yes I DARE to touch it now. It still scares me a lot. Gave me nightmares last night when I slept.

Saturday, October 13, 2012


So it's been a while. It's not easy being a puppy. So much growing to do.
I guess mom had to work in another place for now. I spent some days in the last couple of weeks with mom at a small suite -essentially a bedroom with bathroom attached. I went to work with mom as always. On the first day, she placed me in a large run. It was so cold an uninviting. I told mom I'd rather stay in the tiny cage where I can see people working. I've made a few new friends since, nice people who brought me biscuits! I've spent the whole day in the cage pinning for the evening walks where mom takes me out to explore new places.

For the last 2 days, something is not agreeing with my tummy. I've been sick a couple of times and mom's worried sick. (Pun intended) I hate it when I get throw up, I miss a meal and go hungry.... but mom says if I eat too soon after, I'll most likely vomit again. Today has been a boring day of recuperation. May as well, it rained the entire day, couldn't have gone anywhere fun anyway. I've been sniffing carpet to carpet all day.... yawn.