Saturday, September 15, 2012

Dog day at the park

I went to an event called dog day at the park today. There were labradors, goldens, pit bulls, dobermans, shepherds, bouviers, setters, chesapeake bay reteriver, portuguese water dogs, chihuahuas, yorkshires, westies and other aussies too! We went from booth to booth meeting new people and everyone loved me. I got a little crazy with three poodles and ran loose from mom for a moment. Freedom! But not for long. I also tried out the mini agility course they had. I did well, but I was not too sure about the collapsed tunnel. It was fun in the sun all morning long, other than the one time I threw up... not quite sure what I ate upset  my belly. Now I am just tired... zzzzzzzz

Sunday, September 9, 2012

With sand on my feet

It's my first day at the beach! Mom and Dad (Yes I've adopted these humans as my parents now) brought me to Grand Haven. It was 70F out with clear skies. Apparently dogs are not allowed on the beach (boo to that) so we walked along the pier towards the lighthouse. On our way there we met a 1.5 years old Labrador that wanted to play as well! I really liked him. Some folks were camping in their caravan. Because I am such a star, they had to say hello. I was well behaved, wagging the little nub that's left of my tail. They started telling me about the dogs and cats they had in the past. When we finally reached the lighthouse, I saw a whole line of fisherman. Adjusting their gear, baiting the hook and giving a good firm cast. It was the most relaxing and fun day I've had so far. And now I am so tired.... my eyes can barely open....

Thursday, September 6, 2012

First day

My life started a little fuzzy. I can't quite remember how it had began. I remember dad and mom are Australian Shepherds and winners in the show ring. I can recall the noise of my siblings, the warmth of mom and the feeling of carpet beneath me. One day, a couple of strangers came to my house. The lady who feeds us seems to behave kindly to them. I guess they must be alright. We got let out of our pens and ran around like crazy. FREEDOM! The strange lady picked me up and started looking at my eyes, mouth and ears. She started feeling me all over, pressing on my belly and listening to my chest. It felt like a visit to the vet. I was a little scared. Before I know it, I was carried out of the door by this strange lady and her husband. They started getting me into their car and I was trapped! The engine roared and I was abducted. I was restless and kept whining but no one came to my rescue. The man and lady started talking about names and kept calling me 'Mason' for some reason.

I reached a new apartment.... all alone. Separated  from mom and my brothers. There was a crate in the apartment, so I huddled inside. It made me feel safe. I kept to myself most of the night although the strange couple did try to play with me. They are very nice, but I miss my family.

Over the course of the next 3 days, I got over the fear of being along. It turns out that the strange couple were not too bad after all. They fed me, played with me and changed bed when it got wet. I had nightmares about being alone on the second night and was screaming for hours at 4am. They tried to clam me down and brought me downstairs to potty on the grass. However, they just won't let me loose from the crate or sleep in their bed. I eventually found my courage and I am proud to say I can be on my own now. The strange couple recently got me a new rawhide chew toy. I love gnawing on it all day. They also got me a rubber kong, but I'm not too sure about that -it smells funny. I guess these strange couple are my family now.